SQD - Robo Patrol
A warehouse patrol robot that protects your warehouse from FIRE, FLOOD, and EXTERNAL INTRUDERS automatically at a reasonable price.
Cost Effective
Multi-functional robot with a reasonable price.
24/7 Security Patrol
SQD-Robo Patrol will automatically return to the charging station, which enables 24/7 operation.
Easy to Setup
Quick, one-time setup within an hour.
No technical know-how will be required.
Real-time Monitoring
Provide alerts of suspicious situations and real-time signals to the dashboard for analysis.
Detection Sensors for Multiple Parameters
5 sensors are built-in in SQD-Robo Patrol.
Including temperature, olfactory (CO, flammable gas, smoke), water-flood, humidity and passive infrared (PIR) motion sensors to defect fire, flood, external intruders, and other possible hazards.
Heavy-duties Wheel for Rough Ground
  • Ride up a slope up to 1:10.
  • Pass through a threshold over 10mm.
  • With sensor to avoid fall off a step or other steep drop.
Core Technology Used