SQD - Robo Welder
First site-ready welding robot revolutionising construction work.
Minutes to Set Up
Novice workers can quickly and easily produce consistent quality at WPS certification-level.
Productivity Goes Up,
Costs Go Down
Since 2019, usage has shown 25% rise in productivity and up to 65% reduced costs compared to traditional welding works.
Successful ROI in Two Years
Compared to conventional manual welding, Robo Welder can save 25% cost per day.
Introduction Video with Interview
The SQD-Robo Welder and SquareDog Robotics’ associated welding technologies have won numerous recognitions and awards, including:

2019 Hong Kong Awards for Industries - Equipment and Machinery Design Award

- Listed in CITF pre-approved list by CIC (SQD – Robo Welder & PA19-001 Adaptive Robotic Welder)

- Setting Hong Kong’s 1st certification standard for construction robots set by CIC, SGS, HKUST and SquareDog Robotics (WPS/ ISO14732)
Core Technology Used
Successful Cases