SQD - Robo Painter
Indoor painting robot specialized for use in compact interior.
Comply with Standards,
Enhance Safety Level
Meet the international painting standard BS 6150:2019.
Save workers from painting-related hazards – exposure to fumes, solvents, lead, and other toxic substance etc.
Compact & Flexible
690mm wide, fit to use in compact flats with narrow doors and hallways.
Pass through 20mm high door thresholds. Six-axis robotic arm fits to use in complex interior structures, including corridors, car parks, and ceilings up to 3.2m high.
Ease Labour Shortage,
Satisfying Outcome
Painting tasks can be completed effectively by applying multiple robots simultaneously.
Painting requires workers to be highly concentrated for consistent outputs; and the outputs are not affected by workers’ conditions, e.g., fatigue, mood, etc.
BIM Compatible and Automatic
SQD-Robo Painter can integrate with BIM seamlessly through the robot operating system (ROS).
With simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM), the robot can navigate through construction sites and avoid obstacles automatically.
Core Technology Used